22nd February 2017

Fall Winter 2017 Man collection

8pm Fall Winter 2017 Man collection

The 8pm men's collection is born: the foundation is a mixture between the rebellious and rock and roll world that has always characterized 8pm – it’s against the flow spirit and love for original and unusual decoration - and the more masculine world of casual, between athleisure and free time , escaping from  traditional and patterned codes.

The colors are nocturnal and intense, they are inspired by typical manly hues but are at last revisited, new shady hues to mix for a deep and impactful color/uncolor aspect.

 The materials are the basis for 8pm: fleece of different types, jersey fabrics and knitwear.

The shapes are often over-sized, with some incursions in more fitted styles, giving the possibility to mix and match volumes.

Particular attention is given to fabric treatments, energetic washes that move the fiber and the structure of the thread, the dyeing techniques are innovative for tie-dyed effects, used and vintage feels.

The finishes are often broken and worn-out, as after countless concerts on stage.

The attitude and the final result could be defined "ungendered": a first step towards the creation of a new aesthetic, trying to give an ontological form to an imaginary that has always been hidden by a hegemonic culture that imposes binarity as the only solution .

Once upon a time it would have been, incorrectly, called "unisex", but not today: now 

it is not a search for "uniformity" but the power and will to choose a freedom of image,  opening questions such as how to move towards more fluid definitions of gender and sexuality.

For this reason the whole 8pm men's collection can also be worn by a woman, bringing together a man and a woman who share a lifestyle and not only a  search for fast fashion trends.

8pm Fall Winter 2017 Man collection
8pm Fall Winter 2017 Man collection

Size guide

Italy 38 40 42 44 46
Belgium France Spain Portugal 34 36 38 40 42
Germany Austria Scandinavia Switzerland Netherlands 32 34 36 38 40
United Kingdom 6 8 10 12 14